Top 5 Race For Life Tips

With the women only Race for Life 5K series in full swing I decided to share our five top tips for an enjoyable and successful day. With events up and down the UK each year raisin
g money for cancer research there has never been a better reason to get outside, get active and get fund raising.

Local races close to Fundamentally FIT include the 5K and 10K on the 20th June in Kingston and the 5K and 10K on the 28th June in Epsom.

Entries still available Here: Race-for-Life

No 5: Plan for success

Whether your aim is to just get round the course or run the whole distance you need to make a plan. Runners should make sure they do not get sucked along too quickly at the start of the run. The vacuum effect from quicker runners will burn up energy fast and could scupper your plans to “run” the full distance.
Those looking to jog as much as possible I would recommend using a jog-walk technique to allow your heart rate to recover between bouts of jogging. Use this approach in training and racing as it’s a safe proven way of building endurance safely and gradually. This approach can be used all the way up to marathon distance.

Beginner: 3/5min jog: 30/60 walk

Improver: 6/10min jog: 30/60 seconds walk

No 4: Hydrate

Proper hydration is an important part of any race for lifer’s day. Just 1-2% dehydration can affect your physical performance. Aim for 500-600ml of sports drink or water in the 2-3 hours prior to the event. Sip your drink in the lead up to the start to stay hydrated without feeling the washing machine effect in the stomach when you run. On hot days you will need to make sure you drink more and you could consider a sports drink with electrolytes (the natural salts lost In sweat) if you will be running in for longer than an hour.


No3: Keep Cool in the Heat

Running is a high impact form of exercise and it will dramatically raise your body temperature. This increased heat will not just leave you feeling sluggish and dehydrated faster but will also make your heart beat faster as your body works harder to keep you cool by sweating. Make sure you don’t overdress and plan ahead for the day.

Always slap on a good quality waterproof or sports sunscreen before the start. If it’s a very hot day grab two water cups at the aid stations and drink one while throwing the other over your head and torso to cool your core temperature. This will keep you pushing hard all the way to the finish.

No2: Supportive footwear

To make sure you can perform to your best and enjoy your chosen distance it’s vital to have good supportive footwear. If you are planning on walking then a good pair of walking shoes will be fine. For the joggers and runners think about some specific running trainers that are designed to support the way you walk. Specialists like Sweat Shop will be able to watch you walking and running on a treadmill and following a short assessment find you your perfect match.

If you want to run long term after your race then this is a wise investment to make sure you stay injury free and running strong. Your knees wont thank you for 5-10K in flat bottom shoes with no support.

No1: Don’t STOP!

 Walk, jog or run this is a fantastic event and a day you will always remember.
 Race for Life is just one event in a whole world running. With mud runs, paint runs,  adventure races not to mention the more traditional half and full marathon along  with the many distances of triathlon. The point is when you rise up to the challenge  of Race for Life you are just starting on a journey to a healthier, fitter and happier  you.

 We all want to raise money and remember those important to us but it’s also  important to remember that your own health and well-being should always be a  priority. If you come away buzzing with pride and satisfaction then DON’T STOP!

Good Luck & Race Strong ,

You Are Fundamentally FIT 


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