Build your momentum with a virtual challenge this autumn

Build your momentum with a virtual challenge this autumn

Your Elmbridge Magazine November 2020

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With most people seeing their fitness routine change over the course of the year, it can be good to stop, take check and refocus your attention. In my experience, the method of training is often secondary to the consistency at which you do it.

Build your momentum with a virtual challenge this autumn
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I am often asked for top fat burning tips, the best exercise to slim down tummy fat, or the best type of session to burn maximum calories. These are all fair questions, but in isolation, i.e., not done consistently, will do nothing more than making you a little sore in your targeted area.

Finding your consistency depends on family and work routines, it will also depend on how comfortable you feel right now in a given training environment and finally, but importantly, how motivated you feel by your goal.

Enter the virtual challenge.

Over the course of August, I had many of my clients taking on virtual challenges for the first time. These challenges have been around for a while but have hit the spotlight in 2020.

A virtual challenge is a great way to add in structure and focus while letting you have the freedom of planning around the rest of your life. To set up your challenge you need to select your chosen mode of exercise. These typically include walking (daily steps), running, cycling and swimming. Most challenges run over a month, but some allow you to set your own deadline.

The organiser will provide you with a tracker to plot your training and record your progress, upon completion, you then send a photograph of your completed tracker to show you have hit your goal. In return for hitting your goal you will receive a personalised medal and a certificate. 

Setting yourself a goal with added accountability and tracking, along with the bonus of a medal could be all you need to make autumn training a big success. Why not get your partner of family involved, each taking part with their own personal goal for the month?

I used Race at Your Pace with my clients in August with a wide range of goals selected. One walked 10,000 steps each day, while another ran 100 miles over the month, all clients now have that much needed consistency back into their routines.

Why not give a virtual challenge a try this month and see what you can achieve?

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