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Owner - Fundamentally FIT

Hello my name is Andy Strong and I am the owner of Fundamentally FIT.

Now I’m not like most coaches you’re likely to meet. I say this because I know exactly what It’s like to demolish a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in a single sitting and for some reason chocolate digestives have always seemed to have it in for me.

Unlike most coaches, you’ll meet I understand exactly what it means to be heavily overweight and everything this entails, both physically and mentally.

If you are reading this, then like me, you probably understand the unique day-to-day struggles of living with unwanted extra weight, from often crippling confidence issues through to shortness of breath and the ever, baggier and shapeless clothes that fill your wardrobe.

My weight struggles were engrained in school where Pot Noodles and turkey Twizzlers were the daily norms. I always struggled with school sports and it wasn’t until my early 20’s when I finally got to grips with my diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

It would be fair to say that I have transformed my lifestyle having dropped over three stone and slimmed my waistline down from a 36-inch peak to a consistent 30 inches ever since.

You might consider this to be straight forward being a fitness professional but I can assure you that I regain weight with rapid ease and I am constantly working to keep my health and weight in a good place, it’s never easy, whoever you are and whatever you know.

That being said, I count myself as very lucky to have developed the skills to manage my weight and even luckier to now be able to help others go on the same journey that I have been on. I love working with people who are ready for real change and helping them to do things they used to think impossible.

I wish you every success with your own journey and hope to help you along the way.

Andy Strong – Fitness Professions & First Fundamentally FIT Transformation.

72 kg
10 Years+
L4 Diabetes & Obesity Specialist, L3 G.P Referral, L3 Pre & Post Natal, L3 Personal Trainer, BTN Certified Nutritionist, BTF Triathlon Coach
2 – Henley & Frankfurt
Triathlon Age Group Qualification for Great Britain