Stepping Outside the Health & Fitness Noise This January

Stepping Outside the Health & Fitness Noise This January

Stepping Outside the Health & Fitness Noise This January


January is an exciting time for those ready to make positive lifestyle changes. It can also become stressful and confusing when trying to decide how exactly you should make that change and who you should be listening to.


The online health & fitness space is getting increasingly crowded and 2019 is without a doubt, a new peak, in my professional opinion. Online adverts, emails, and social media are bursting at the seams with “solutions” and companies are marketing hard to reach you in time for the New Year Diet season.


Many companies and individuals continue to make outlandish claims while others are starting to target each other in hope of capturing their competitor’s audiences and customers for themselves. The Health, Fitness & Nutrition industry has never been so competitive.


So why am I telling you all this, rather than writing your typical overly cliché New Year Blog about resolutions and new beginnings?

Simple, I want you to have a successful start to the year. To do that, the best and most honest advice I can offer you is, to listen to yourself.


Despite the Health and Fitness industry being very crowded, there are also a lot of very well qualified people with true passion for helping you achieve your goals. With a saturation of choice both online and offline means, it is wise to take a step back from the hype and focus more closely on what type of support and help you really need as an individual to be successful.


For example, off the shelf or one size fits all solutions seldom deliver long-term results for everyone – we are all different so maybe a more tailored approach could make all the difference. However, maybe you are looking for a short-term blitz and can afford to be a little more radical in the approach and service you choose. Whatever your goals, whatever your motivations, you need to start with you as an individual and not a product. Select a service that fits your needs and one that you will enjoy being a part of.


The key ingredients required for improved fitness, weight loss, and enhanced lifestyle will surprise nobody. Hard work, consistency, patience and having fun. Afterall if you are going to work hard and build consistency you need to enjoy the training, the people you work out with and the place you go to do it. Equally, food needs to be enjoyable, engaging and not overly restrictive.  Give these some serious consideration before jumping into your New Year routines and diets and you will invest your money more wisely and reap more rewards, not just this January but for the whole of 2019.


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2019

Andy Strong


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