Endurance Coaching


From Park Run to Ironman, Fundamentally FIT can help you race smarter and finish stronger in your next endurance challenge. As a British Triathlon Coach, Advanced Personal Trainer, and sports nutrition coach we have all the skills to help you take on your next event. Endurance events mean different things to different people, for some it will be a classic couch to 5K challenge to help ignite some new fitness, others will want to expand their horizons and try a new distance like a 10K, half, or full marathon. Then there are those looking for something bigger like a multiday cycle event, an Ironman Triathlon, back to back marathons or even a World Championship Qualification (Age Group), we have successfully helped clients with each of these over the years.

Is This Program Right For You?

Endurance coaching is useful when more advanced levels of programming are required, along with sports specific nutrition, core strength, injury prevention, and strength training. While the training itself may be similar to a transformation program, it is with a very specific focus on building you up for peak performance on race day, not achieving a weight loss goal or an aesthetic outcome. These programs are a lot of fun, and we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of helping you do your very best on the big day, whoever you are and whatever level you race at. Ideal Events for an Endurance Program: 1/2 and full marathon, obstacle race, Ironman, open water swim race, cyclosportive or multiday cycle events, and Triathlons of all distances.


Can I Coach Online? : Yes, this is very common and effective for this style of program. If you are newer then some, or all coaching face to face is better.
How Long Does a Program Last : This is event specific. Some Longer events can take a year to prepare for but many can be done in 6 months.
Will You Prepare My Whole Program?: Yes, the program is the beating heart of this type of coaching.


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