Corrective Exercise


Corrective Exercise is the bridge between your Physiotherapist, or Osteopath and pain-free mainstream exercise. It is an all too common problem that people who seek treatment for an injury or persistent pain, struggle to continue with their exercises and treatment after ceasing their appointments with their health care provider. Corrective Exercise is the solution to this problem. At Fundamentally FIT we often work alongside your health care provider and help you to not just complete your prescribed exercise program, but go far beyond this to guide you back to regular exercise.

Is This Program Right For You?

Corrective Exercise is perfect if you are already working with a Physiotherapist or Osteopath and would like to speed up your recovery. We will be able to regularly liaise with your health care provider to help maximise your results. Corrective Exercise can also be a fantastic way to iron out any kinks and niggles as you get into a more dedicated strength or endurance training program, helping reduce future injury risk. If you are in discomfort, or training in pain then a Corrective Exercise program can be a key part of the solution.


How Long Is a Program?: This is injury specific and would require a consultation to be able to advise more clearly.
Can I Train Online? : This is injury specific and would require a consultation to advise more clearly.
Can You Work With My Physio / Osteopath? : Yes, in fact many health care professionals recommend us to their clients


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