Lifestyle Transformation


Personal Training and Lifestyle Transformation is when we couple our specialist training skills together with expert coaching to deliver your health and fitness goals. Often focussed around a specific weight loss goal or enhancing nutrition, this program includes a Personal Training component, either online, In-home, or face to face in our studio. This program can often include higher intensity style training such as HIIT, more focussed strength training, or a combination of the two. This program includes 1-2-1 private coaching and provides all the fitness and nutrition programming needed to reach your goals.

Is This Program Right For You?

Personal Training and Lifestyle transformation is a perfect fit if you are serious about achieving a specific goal and want dedicated coaching and support in a 1-2-1 environment. This program is ideal if you have no major health conditions (see specialist coaching, if so) and are looking to get ready for your next holiday, to walk down the aisle, or get to grips with your broader lifestyle habits. Fundamentally FIT also regularly works with both Prenatal and Postpartum clients as they build their health and fitness back up (we can also support any specialist needs you might have). This is the very best of our classic Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Services and is what we built our reputation on.


How Long Does a Program Last?: 12 weeks initial commitment, but most people stay much longer
Can I Train Online? : Yes, you can choose to train Online, In-home or at our Private studio. You can also choose to do all your coaching and Training online, or mix and match to fit your diary.
Can I Train With A Partner or Friend? : Yes, some conditions apply so we recommend a consultation to discuss your needs. However, this is always very popular and a great way to enhance your success.


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