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Most people understand the basics of a healthy, balanced diet, they're just not so good at putting into practice. Often due years of yo-yo dieting or faddy detoxing, it's easy to be left feeling frustrated, confused, and even exhausted at who to listen to and what to do next. Our Nutrition coaching programs and dietary analysis are designed to help you take a step back and focus on the areas which are key to your health and your goals. We do this through a dietary analysis report and a series of lifestyle questionnaires, we then coach you through the results and give our advice and guidance on where and how to adapt your diet to move forward.

Is This Program Right For You?

Nutrition Coaching requires an open mind and a readiness to tackle real change, it is not about following a meal plan and eating salad. We provide the highest quality nutrition education and support but this does not guarantee results if you are not ready to get stuck in and try new things within your diet. Nutrition coaching is a great fit for those who are looking for clarity on how to eat well, enhance sporting performance, those looking to lose weight for good, and those wanting long term nutrition education. Our nutrition coaching is not a good fit if you have a history of eating disorders or your eating is heavily linked to emotions such as depression or anxiety. Fundamentally FIT can recommend specialists to help support you in this area.


How Long is a Program?: You can do just a Food Diary Analysis which is based around two key sessions and is typically complete within 2-3 weeks. Our main Diet Reclaim program is 12 weeks long with ongoing coaching for those who require it.
Will I Get a Meal Plan?: No, we don't provide weekly meal plans as this is a poor way to learn and adapt your own lifestyle. We do provide a two week plan at the start to help guide you and a series of high quality recipe packs throughout your coaching with us.
How Will I Learn? : Coached sessions either online or face to face, email support and daily accountability through our dedicated habit tracking app.


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  1. Hi there,
    I am interested in online nutrition coaching for fat loss. Please could you let me know your pricing?
    Many thanks,
    Angus Reid

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