Smart Resolutions & Dry January Challenge

Smart Resolutions & Dry January Challenge

It’s reached that inevitable time of year again where we decide to right the wrongs of the past year, vow to take better care of yourself and achieve all those dreams that we have been putting off for so long.

Well I am going to tell you something you already know and that is resolutions don’t really work. A New Year and a fresh start is by all means a natural time to reflect, plan and set goals. I am by no means being cynical either when I say resolutions don’t work. In my experience an individual who considers change only one week of the year is not truly ready for the journey needed to achieve their goals.

Instead I am going to ask you to think a little differently and then take our dry January challenge. Every year we set ourselves a long list of goals from losing weight, getting that dream job, or spending more time with the family. Often these goals are actually a reflection of our desire to put ourselves first for a change. Work, family and life in general takes its toll and often your own health and personal time is the first to suffer. Ask yourself how many times have you set the same New Year’s Resolution and failed to achieve it? Why do you think that was?

I believe New Year resolutions fail because people try to take on too much in one go and when the steely resolve of the first week or two of January wears off you are left feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to actually achieve your resolutions in the long term.

In 2016 make a commitment to putting yourself first. This change in mind-set will make all of your smaller goals more achievable because you will know that it’s not about losing a few pounds or gaining a few more in your pay packet but actually doing things that help to put YOU first and not allowing life to put you and your needs in the back seat. I help my clients by offering the accountability they need to achieve their goals, however if you look at this another way all I am actually doing is reminding them of their goals and commitments and giving them permission to put themselves first. Why not start putting your health first by taking the dry January challenge and see how much better you can look and feel.

Dry January Challenge

To kick start your 2016 I am challenging you and all my clients to take the Dry January Challenge. Alcohol is packed full of empty calories that have no nutritional benefit, alcohol will expand your waist affect your sleeping patterns and stimulate your appetite. The liver will have been worked extra hard in December so show it and yourself a little love and not touch a drop for the month of January.

You will sleep better, feel better and even shed a few pounds in the process. Make sure you drink plenty of water and green tea while avoiding all alcohol ,caffeine and fizzy drinks for the best results. Post up on our Facebook page to let us know you’re in and at the end of January I will be checking to see who managed the whole month and awarding a special prize to one of our Dry Athletes.  Facebook-Dry Jan

Cancer Research UK is running its annual Dryathlon and allows you to raise money for the charity either as a solo Dry athlete or as a team with your friends or colleagues. This adds a layer of accountability that will see you going strong all month long.

Dryathlon-Cancer Uk

Dry January can be a manageable focused start to the year that will have a serious impact on your health, this can be a perfect stepping stone to 2016 success and is the ideal way to start putting yourself first.

Happy New Year and Good Luck in dry January!

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