The Secret to a Successful Transformation

The Secret to a Successful Transformation.

Losing weight and changing your life for the better is one of the biggest life changes anyone can undertake. When I was in my late teens and starting college I had a 36 inch waist and a complete disinterest for exercise and healthy eating. There were a few key reasons I decided to change my life, the first was a failure to acknowledge my size and lifestyle as actually being a problem. I never weighed myself and simply ignored the situation until I went to college.

It may not have been apparent to me how bad things had got but it certainly didn’t pass by other people.
This certainly made me take a long look at myself. Once I did this I was able to reflect on my father’s health and that of my families and this really shocked me. I then realised that if I didn’t change then the quality of my life now and in the future was going to suffer significantly.

Having embarked on a successful lifestyle transformation myself along with helping many other people do the same I would like to share three essential secrets to help you do the same.

Secret No 3: Diet & Exercise

This might not seem like a secret but the reality is this isn’t always the correct starting point for a successful transformation. Most people start here by following countless diets, from juicing and weight watchers to slim fast and Atkins. The other side of this coin is the individual who tries to out train a bad diet. Whether its classes every day, hours on the treadmill or piles of home gym equipment.

You cannot out train a bad diet and you need to enjoy the exercise you do. Exercise and good nutrition go hand in hand and do not work well independently.

Q. What is the secret to using diet and exercise to help your transformation?

A. You have to want to do it.
If you go to the gym and spend the whole time thinking you HAVE to be there, or that you must eat a certain food then you will never achieve your true potential. If you hate the gym then try a class, if you don’t like classes train at home, if you don’t want to train at home join walking group.

The truth is exercise needs to be something you enjoy and something that you want to do. There are literally countless ways to be more active so don’t limit your thinking to the gym and use this as an excuse.

Healthy eating can certainly seem intimidating, but it’s very rare I meet many clients who don’t actually know the basics of good nutrition. Most have spent too much time trying to find a quick fix solution and have simply confused themselves. When you are truly ready to transform you lifestyle you will find that the answers are right in front of you because you are ready to take control and not finding the answers is no longer an option.
When this happens nutrition and exercise become tools to help your transformation and not reason for it.


Secret No 2: Understanding True Motivation

To truly transform your lifestyle you need to have a deep understanding of why you have to do it. The majority of the time breakthroughs only come after a break down. Focusing only on weight loss is a sign of frustration and indicates you haven’t yet accepted what your true motivation is to transform you whole life and commit to it 100%.

We can all want to lose weight for our family, or because the doctor has told us we need to. The reality however is that this will not motivate you into changing and embracing all the aspects needed to turn your whole life around permanently.

Take a good look at your situation and how it makes you feel, list out all the reasons why you want to make these changes. Is it because you want to be a better role model to your children? , maybe you feel is its feel it’s time to put you and your health first for once, and trust me that’s more than OK.
Is it simply because you are ready to experience life to its fullest again?
That motivation right there is one of the most powerful of them all. Once you can fully embrace it you will be unstoppable!

Once you know why you are ready to change your lifestyle and truly transform then exercise and nutrition no longer become stumbling blocks because you are ready for action and failing is no longer an option any more. We all stumble along the way but when you’re truly motivated you will be able to pick yourself up and keep pushing forward.

Secret No 1: Action Conquers FEAR

This is the biggest secret of them all. Fear holds us all back in every aspect of life. It stops us from achieving what we are truly capable of. Fear stops us from experiencing life both good and bad to its fullest. But what is fear really?


Fear will stop you acting on ambitions, and it will hold you in a place you don’t want to be if you let it. Fear is the biggest thing stopping you from transforming your life and fear is all in your head.

When you can find the motivation and the reason to push yourself to new limit’s you will truly transform your life. This is the breakthrough moment when you realize that numbers on a scale and hours in the gym are actually all just tools to help you realize one simple truth, and the biggest secret of them all.

Action Conquers FEAR.

When I started on my transformation journey it wasn’t easy and I made lots of mistakes along the way. The drive for me though was to make sure I was a healthy as I could be and to start truly living life. I was tired of hiding away and needed to find out who I really was and what I was capable of.

I still need to keep my eating habits I check even today, food addiction never leaves you. I am incredibly lucky to have such inspirational clients and a strong support network at home; this means on those days when I struggle I know that I will be strong enough to pick myself up again and keep pushing forward. 

That’s transformation.

Are you Ready?


Andy Strong

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