Are You Losing Focus?

Are You Losing Focus?

It has been a challenging and busy few months behind the scenes for Fundamentally FIT. Our relocation to Walton-On-Thames has raised a number of obstacles which have required a strong sense of direction and purpose. Not lease has been saying goodbye to long standing customers who have grown and achieved so much with us. In preparation for the move I have been busy
 planning our re-launch program and making use of the time to complete my L2 Triathlon Coaching Award and L3 GP referral qualification to allow me to help even more people achieve their goals. Alongside this we will have our brand new website launching VERY soon which will bring all our social media channels and services under one roof (it looks Amazing!). Not stopping there we are close to the launch of our new Healthy Habits Recipe book which will bring all of our nutrition guidance and advice together in one easy to use bible.

Relocating to a new area is a fresh,exciting time and a challenge I am all to keen to get started with. The move has taken its toll on my time and motivation to train as I would normally would. As an amateur triathlete I would be racing all summer long, however I have not planned my season this year or trained with a specific purpose. This has left me a little directionless in my fitness goals.

Having entered the 25th Anniversary race at Windsor Triathlon last year I decided three weeks ago to focus my training and go and enjoy the event with no racing agenda. Well last Sunday I toed the start line and was plugged into a very chilly Thames for the 1500m swim. This was followed by a rolling 25miles around the Windsor country side on my bike and followed up with 6mile (10K) run, taking in Windsor Castle. I love this event and its friendly atmosphere, I chatted with many people on the route and even bumped into a coaching friend at the swim start. I was about fifteen mins slower than my time last year but I had a brilliant day and it reminded me of a very important lesson that I am always very quick to point out to my clients. Exercise has to be something that you enjoy and it has to be FUN!

I have been steely focused on the Fun-Fit relocation and with a clear direction and end goal for 2015. In contrast however I have been simply “exercising” so far this year and not enjoying myself as much as I should. I had not raced sooner because I did not want to be slower than last year and perceived this not to be fun. However I would say that its the journey that’s the fun part because this is when you are challenged to grow and push yourself. I love triathlon and endurance sport and for me this puts the challenge, motivation and fun into my own training.

Obviously triathlon is not for everyone but the lesson is the same whoever you are and what ever you do. Know where you are going and the reason it motivates you to be successful. Whether its loosing the baby fat or completing an event like Race for Life or Tough Mudder you need to know what the end looks like to be able to draw a map towards achieving your goal, and most of all keep it fun.

I am now plotting out a few more events for the summer and heading off to the pool as soon as I publish this blog. I have regained my focus and cant wait for my next event.

By Andy Strong

Fundamentally FIT Ltd


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