Small Group Training with Fundamentally FIT


Hitting your goals is about much more than just pulling on your trainers and hoping for the best. It’s about finding the environment in which you can thrive, feel inspired and importantly, where you have the most fun.
Finding the right exercise environment for you will take time so don’t be afraid to try new things. Fitness is not a one size fits all solution and the possibilities are almost endless.


During my time working in the industry, I have come to recognise that people respond and thrive in very different enviroments depending on their personality. For some people, it’s the high paced large group fitness environment where the exercise is varied, and the individual focus a little less intimidating. For others, it’s all about the one to one focus and jumping in deep to their unique lifestyle, goals, and motivations. For these people, Personal Coaching provides a strong working relationship and the accountability they need to move forward in their health and fitness.

Between these two extremes lies a sweet spot that for many people offers the benefits of group accountability, motivation, and training experience, coupled with more personalised coaching and time with a professional coach, to speed up your progress. This Goldie locks (just right) solution for many is Small Group Training.


Small group training takes 2-3 people and brings them together for a more intermate training experience than your normal class. The exercise environment is tailored to the group goals and you get a lot more targeted time with your coach to hone your technique, enhance your fitness and progress towards your goals. At Fundamentally FIT this also enables our small group training sessions to include our Nutrition Coaching Program, normally only reserved for our Personal Training Clients.


The big advantage that group training has over other forms of coaching is the closer relationships you build with the trainer and participants. Group training is a lot of fun and the accountability and support of the group is a very powerful motivator to succeed.

Due to the success we had trailing this approach over the past year we are now rolling out regular morning sessions Monday – Thursday at 9.30am. This is perfect for those busy parents who are looking to reclaim their fitness after the school run and those busy professionals and remote workers who work from home but don’t enjoy the classic gym environment.

Sessions are delivered in our private home studio in Walton on Thames where we provide all the equipment, coaching, and nutrition support needed to smash your goals. If you want to train with a friend this can easily be accommodated but you don’t need to know anyone to take part in our group training, you will even make a few new training friends along the way.

If you would like to learn more about our Group Coaching Programs, our current availability and to discuss your own goals then we offer a complimentary consultation to answer all your questions.
Small Group Training, your new secret weapon to having maximum fun while hitting your goals.

(at the time of writing, please email for current timetable)