How Does Having an Online Nutrition Coach Work?

How Does Having an Online Nutrition Coach Work?

How Does Having an Online

Nutrition Coach Work?


How Does Having an online Nutrition Coach Work?

With so much of our daily lives migrating into the online space, some of these new concepts can feel a little unusual. Nutrition Coaching certainly for some falls into this category. When I speak with people off-line they often say how they don’t like the idea of only being coached online and how they much prefer a face to face experience.

This is perfectly normal and understandable as to why people would want the human connection of a face to face meeting. Wherever possible I always enjoy coaching face to face but recognise it comes with some very real stumbling blocks.

When I discuss Nutrition Coaching with skeptical individuals they often tell me how they would love the help and support of a coach, yet when I ask them if they had considered working with a coach offline they typically reply they don’t have time.

With commuting to work, family commitments and of course work schedules, most say fitting in an appointment in person each week or fortnight is not practical. If I then ask them would a conference call around your current work commitments, or during your lunch break be more manageable and convenient, suddenly they start to get it.

Online coaching is about delivering the otherwise undeliverable to busy people who need help with their diet and lifestyle. Online coaching also enables anyone with an internet connection to work with the professionals who they feel is best placed to help them move forward. Prior to launching Fundamentally FIT Nutrition, I was restricted to clients in just my local towns of Walton on Thames and Weybridge, but not anymore.

As a coach I cannot tell you how exciting it is to know that anybody who needs my help can now simply request a consultation and in less than 24 Hours they can be sat in front of me online and we can be working on a plan to overhaul their life and get them to a happier healthier place.
On my journey as a Coach I have had the privilege of working with people from the other side of the planet, many I have never met. I see this as one of the fundamental benefits of the modern-day connections the internet has given us. Everyone can and will benefit from this approach, why not be an early adopter?


Coaching at Fundamentally FIT


Here at Fundamentally FIT we always offer the option to coach in person if feasible for the individual. However, this never detracts from the powerful coaching we offer online and through our programs.
Typically, clients coach fortnightly with us on our 3R’s Weight loss Program. Others will complete a standalone coaching session following the completion of a Food Diary Analysis. Either way, these are agreed at a convenient time to fit around your life and done via a conference call. This is similar to Skype and allows face to face coaching and the benefit of screen share for added coaching materials.


A typical coaching session is broken down into three sections


Review – How has the past couple of weeks gone and reviewing tasks set by the coach and any weight loss numbers or goals etc.

The topic of the week – Education and questions answering based on the learning material your coach asks you to review in the online member’s area, Blueprint for a Healthier Life.

Personal Specifics – This is where we home in on your specific struggles and challenges for the next week ahead. This might be portion control, tackling a big night out or creating a plan for traveling with work.


The benefit of having an online Nutrition Coach is the accountability it brings to your goals and lifestyle change. When you can fit in your coaching in such a convenient way it really helps people to focus harder on their goals and stop giving up.


Blueprint For A Healthier Life – Members Support


At Fundamentally FIT I recognised a long time ago that coaching has one major drawback, time. Providing clients with all the education and knowledge needed to be successful in a coaching call, either online or face to face is immensely challenging. This takes time and while everyone has specific needs with their dietary changes, most need to start by bolstering their foundation knowledge to confidently take back control of their lifestyles and dinner plates.

It is for this very reason that I designed the Blueprint Education course. This has been 100% designed in House at Fundamentally FIT, something you will struggle to find elsewhere. This course includes a wide range of educational videos (all produced at Fundamentally FIT) and downloadable guides and success tools to support your lifestyle changes.

There is enough information here to fill almost two large binders and it’s expanding all the time. I know because the hard copies are sitting on my desk as I type this. The whole thing has taken well over a year to design, build, test and launch but I am very proud of it and the feedback has been amazing. By completing the home education in your own time you are not only saving money on coaching but speeding up your learning and progress towards your goals. Most importantly this approach enables you to get maximum value from your coaching calls and focus more on the specific areas in which you are struggling.

Clients use the Blueprint Education course as a lynchpin to tie their coaching and learning together. More support, stronger results, lasting change. The wider community comes together in our closed Facebook Group and we also provide ongoing email support, recipe suggestions and prizes for those clients getting stuck in and hitting their goals.
Throughout the coaching process, we track and monitor your progress and keep you accountable to your goals and why you started.


So whether you are looking for a structured starting point with a Dietary Analysis, or you want a more immersive experience packed full of our life-changing Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching on the 3R’s Weight Loss Program, remember this:

The best lifestyle change is the one you can stick to and if you can’t get to a nutrition coach in person then take the leap of faith and jump online for a whole new experience. Online coaching is about delivering the otherwise undeliverable to busy people who need help with their diet and lifestyle.


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