Why Now is the Time to get serious about Your goals.

Why Now is the Time to get serious about

Your goals.


As we finally head into spring and winter loosens its grip, our attention naturally turns to summer goals. While January is undoubtably a busy and important time in the fitness industry, it is April that brings most people out of their long winter hibernation.

The changing of the clocks brings warmer weather (hopefully), lighter evenings and renewed inspiration to get exercising. This is also the very best time of year to make serious progress towards your goals. April to June is hands down the easiest time of the year to lose weight, tone up and regain your body confidence, and for a few very simple reasons.


1. Summer Goals are Unavoidable.

As we move into the spring it becomes inevitable that out summer goals are now unavoidable if your serious about them. Whether you are looking to enhance body confidence for your holiday or a wedding, looking to get more from your summer break with enhanced fitness or you might want to take on a summer challenge like a 10K, Race for Life, triathlon or an obstacle race.

These are are very popular and understandable goals for the summer months. No goals happen over night and so now is the time to get serious, or be disappointed.


2. Lighter Eating

The winter months make us crave heavy comforting foods as we hibernate in front of the fire. Spring and summer are naturally the opposite of this type of eating and in turn make it easier to lose weight. Less will power, lighter eating, better results. Make sure your not extending your winter eating habits and give your diet a spring clean. A little planning is always needed, but now is the time to maximise your return.


3. Lighter Evenings.

Time is always a big factor in successfully achieving your goals, whether it’s losing weight, running a 10K or body sculpting in the gym. Each year when the clocks change my working pattern always shift with my clients. Many switch from late evening sessions to training early in the morning. This frees up time in the evening for family, additional training, or simply getting in 10,000 steps after work. The longer, lighter days make you feel like you have more time, more energy and feel less stressed about fitting in all your training. Longer days mean, less excuses and more consistent results for those ready to take advantage of them.


4. The Results Hot Spot

While Fundamentally FIT clients prove time and time again that you can achieve amazing results at any time of the year, undoubtably the results hot spot of the year is April – June. This is for the very simple reasons outlined above already, but also because it’s the typical 12 week window of the year when focus is at it’s highest and importantly, before the summer holiday season begins.

Between June and August, we will all go on our summer holidays and the temperature creeps up. As this happens, we exercise less, socialise more at summer BBQ’s and often lose our focus once the big event we are training for is over. Add in the summer holidays with the kids and life gets more complicated.

The results hot spot is right now! We are entering the 12-16 weeks of the year when all the stars align to make it as easy as possible to hit your goals, if your ready to roll up your sleeves, pull on your trainers and get moving.


Enjoy the Spring and Good Luck with your Summer Goals.

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