The Wedding Day Challenge Update

The Wedding Day Challenge Update

The Wedding Day Challenge Update

As I sit here in the gym writing this I am waiting for my last client to arrive before I pack up shop for my wedding. I have a manic day ahead, from loading the mountains of “wedding stuff” into our little car, diving into the city to collect my suits and finally, just the small matter of driving the full length of the country. Yes, it’s going to be a long day but the big adventure is about to begin!

Now, back in April, I wrote a blog setting myself a wedding Day based challenge. My intention was to get in shape and to look my absolute best in my suit. While I have not always been able to post up my progress I can assure you that I have been training hard and eating well (mostly) behind the scenes.

I had a really positive start in April/June and managed to up my strength training to two-three sessions per week, which as a runner was a big shift in my training focus. I really enjoyed the new sessions and it was something of a relief to break out of the running mold I had created for myself.

My initial focus at this time was bulking up and building some muscle, this means slightly heavier weights than I was used to training with. I also tidied up my diet a lot in this phase, cutting out alcohol for the vast majority of that time. Evening meals were simple but health, grilled meats, fish and brown rice and vegetables.

By August I had switched to building more definition and also switched to a calorie reduction in my overall diet and was now only in the gym 1-2 times per week. This allowed for more running and cardiovascular training to help with the final fat burning. My weights focus was now lighter weights but much higher repetitions and more sets.

This journey has not been seamless and there have been struggles, namely the many nights out and events that seem to surround the wedding itself, the closer it gets. I have found this challenge to be really motivating and it has inspired me to really mix up my training in a way that I mentally needed, and my body has certainly benefitted from.

I feel much more confident in myself, but also in how I look in the clothes I wear. This might seem like a strange thing to say as a Personal Trainer but having been so overweight when I was younger that feeling of being fat can be a stubborn one to shift, even when you are technically fit and healthy.

Below are my before and after shots along with the goals I achieved and those that I missed. I am really pleased with my results and while we can always hope to do more this is an exciting place to build from after the wedding.

Good luck with your own goals, I would love to hear how you have all been getting on over the summer.


The Results

Day 1, Original Goals

Body Fat: 19% Body Fat 13-15%
Most Annoying Body Part: Love Handles! Love handle-less
Starting Weight: 11 Stone 12 pounds.
5K Time Current (2018): 21.45 5K Goal: Sub 19 minutes (current PB 19.47)
Current Squat: 55Kg  Goal Weight: 75Kg

Results Today

Body Fat: 14%

Semi Lovehandle less, well on the way
Weight Loss: -7Lbs
5K Time: 20:50
Squats: 77Kg


The Wedding Day Challenge Update

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