5 Reasons to Hire an Online Nutrition Coach

5 Reasons to Hire an Online Nutrition Coach

While it might still feel strange to some, hiring professionals like nutrition coaches online, is going to become a lot more mainstream in the next few years. Like many industries before it, disruption is coming, and things are changing. The truth is, we have only scratched the surface of how the internet will continue to connect us and this is only going to accelerate following the pandemic.

So, before you think online weight loss coaching isn’t for you, check out these 5 Reasons to Hire an Online Nutrition Coach to help you with your lifestyle goals.

 Embrace the change and reap the rewards, welcome to the new Normal!

1. Choice

Back in the olden days, you would scroll through the Yellow Pages or on a now defunct search engine seeking out a nutrition coach in your local area. This is not a terrible way to go but it does raise one common problem, Choice.

If the local coach doesn’t resonate with you, understand your goals or simply inspire you to take action then what next? Locally you might only have one or two qualified and experienced coaches, making your choices slim and uninspiring.

With online coaching, you can now find, follow and engage with your would-be coach long before ever hiring them. That amazing coach your sister has been using on the other side of the country, guess what you can work with them now too. Geography no longer means that you can’t connect with the specialist that is right for helping you be successful.

Online coaching brings you amazing choice and opportunities that really do fit your needs. Don’t settle for the coach that is local, seek out the best coach who can help you achieve your goals.

2. Time

The average Brit works 48 hours (of those hours recorded) meaning none of us have as much time as we would like. This is the number one excuse for not looking after ourselves and struggling with our weight and lifestyle.

Online coaching helps to overcome this problem, solving your weight loss struggles through its powerful combination of convenience, flexibility, and accountability. Sessions are delivered via conference call anywhere you have an internet connection. So no more traveling to a weekly or fortnightly appointment and losing 2-3 hours out of your day.

Sessions can be fitted into your lunch break, at a service station if you’re on the road, at the airport or even in a coffee shop when grabbing a bite to eat. This flexibility and convenience not only saves you maximum time in your day but also drives accountability, to yourself, your goals and your coach.

When you can fit coaching within your current lifestyle then you have taken a huge step to finally not quitting on your goals.

3.Enhanced Education

Working with an online nutrition coach has a number of additional techy benefits you will not find with an offline coach. Online coaches that are dedicated to this new frontier in lifestyle change and weight management understand that the coaching can’t just be online, but the experience and the learning must also adapt and be deliverable anywhere the client goes.

At Fundamentally FIT we recognise this as an absolute necessity for our client’s success and weight loss. This is why we invested in our member’s area Blueprint for a Healthier Life. We have online video lessons, extensive downloadable success tools, and host of support emails, weekly recipes, and much more to support our client’s success.

All of this content is again available anywhere a client has an internet connection, meaning they can learn during a lunch break on the train or at home. This self-learning means the 1-2-1 coaching is more targeted and focussed on the client’s specific needs, without overlooking the important education behind those life-changing weight loss transformations.

4.No I, in Team

Hiring a nutrition coach is not as some think, an admission of failure that they could not do it alone. On the contrary, it is no different to hiring an accountant to complete your tax return. If you have a serious lifestyle change to make, three or more stone to lose for example, then hiring a” big hitter” is a smart idea.

A professional nutrition coach can help you understand what you need to do, why you have struggled in the past and help you get across the finish line of your lifestyle transformation. It’s true that you could go it alone and while some do make a huge success of it, this is not the case for the majority of people.

Hiring a coach and committing to the process of learning enables you to take ownership of your diet and your struggles. Working with a professional and learning the priciples of nutrition is the best way to speed up your results, build confidence and finally understand why quick fixes are the slowest way to hitting your goals.

Hiring an online coach is about building your team, your support network and saying I don’t Have to do this Alone anymore.


All weight loss and lifestyle change boil down to one major factor at the end of the day, Adherence. Lasting weight loss needs to fit within your current lifestyle as much as realistically possible. This does not mean the takeaways and chocolate of course but refers to your work and family life balance.

Following any off the shelf, diet plan works for a period of time because they have carefully managed the calories and foods you are consuming (adherence). This means if you follow the rules you lose weight. This is great as long as you can stick to it, but as we all know this never lasts for long. The reason typically comes down to the fact that these diet plans rarely fit into our wider lifestyles. While these approaches provide structure and help aid adherence they do not educate you to make a smarter informed decision after the diet ends, often leading to accelerating weight gain.

Working with a nutrition coach helps drive adherence and results because they help tailor your program to your current lifestyle. It is smarter to adapt your current routine rather than overhauling all of it overnight, only to revert back a week later. By working with a coach you will become better educated in sound nutrition concepts, how to implement them within your own diet and importantly how to do this for the long term.

Every weight loss shake, pill, article, and magic superfood will only move you further away from your goals, lighten your bank balance and serve to confuse you further. You don’t need another plan, you need a personalised approach.

Lasting adherence comes from a lasting approach and online Nutrition Coaching is the smartest option on the market today for those who are serious about their goals. Online coaching is for those who are ready to embrace the benefits of new technology and good old-fashioned coaching and education.

Andy Strong

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