The Big Wedding Day Challenge

The Big Wedding Day Challenge. 

Over the past week, I have been enjoying some downtime in beautiful Scotland. Myself and Kirsty’s spent a few days in Edinburgh visiting family, before heading north to the idyllic village of Kenmore.

This visit was more than a holiday it was to plan our wedding for September. It seems like only yesterday we were in New York for the marathon and I popped the question, that was over a year ago now and the Big day is closing in fast.

Just like many clients before me, I want to look good for my wedding day and that means upping the training and honing my diet. Back when I was overweight I was always focussed on the scales, until I found endurance training and running that is. This has kept me trim and healthy for many years until my business really took off two years ago.

Now I am still a healthy weight and I still train 2-3 times per week but this is far cry from the 12-15 hours a week I used to put in at my peak Ironman training and to be honest I am unlikely to have that kind of spare time back anytime soon.

Enter the Wedding Challenge…

The wedding challenge is my five-month goal to get in top shape for the big day on September 8th 2018. A simple and familiar goal for many of you out there reading this email. Fitness has always been about what it can do for me in the past. How fast can I run, how far can I cycle and never directly about aesthetics for aesthetic’s sake.

To help make this happen and to share my highs and lows I will be documenting my five-month journey on Facebook, Instagram and of course through the Podcast and these weekly emails. I will be sharing my personal training methods, the insight into my diet and most importantly the accountability that comes with my monthly check-in (with all of you lovely people).

Below is my starting photo along with my stats.

I have also set some performance goals to help motivate me along the way.
I’m going to put my reputation on the line and show what can be done in five months with a solid focus and hard work.

So make sure you set your own goals and let’s do this together.
I’m walking down the aisle in five months, where do you want to be?

Andy Strong 

Day 1                                                                                            Month Five 
Body Fat: 19%                                                                                  Body Fat 13-15%
Most Annoying Body Part: Love Handles!                                 Love handle-less
Starting Weight: 11 Stone 12 pounds                                           N/A, A number isn’t important when you feel good
5K Time (2018): 21.45                                                                    5K: Sub 19 minutes (current PB 19.47)
Squat: 55Kg                                                                                       Goal Weight: 75Kg


The Big Wedding Day Challenge

Follow my progress on Facebook, on instagram (@funfitpics) and the Fundamentally FIT website. Join our mailing list for more details and secrets of my progress.

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