When is the right time to change?

When is the right time to change?

January is creeping up on us again like the annual Monday morning of the year. Nobody wants to go back to work yet but you’re probably ready to get back to normal after the past month of parties, family functions, and over indulgence. Yes, January is just like a Monday Morning and it’s not going to be pretty.

It’s through this fog of confusion that so many of us will set about trying to change large parts of our lifestyle, from dietary over halls to new exercise regimes. The reason for this? Weight loss starts on a Monday.

Monday and January are seen as re-set points in the week and year, where we all get a chance to be reborn and shake off the struggles, mistakes, and disappointments of the week or year that came before. With a certain amount of pessimism surrounding New Years’s resolutions, and our almost weekly desire to wait until Monday to reset out bad or damaging habits when really is the best time to make a positive change and make it stick for the long term?

Tony Robins quite rightly said “CHANGE HAPPENS IN AN INSTANT”

It’s not about the day of the week or how badly yesterday went. Change happens when you are ready to face it take control and step well outside your comfort zone. So can change happen on a Monday, yes. Can change happen in January, of course, change can also happen anytime you are ready for it and ready to take action.

We are not limited by a day of the week or the month of the year. We are only limited by ourselves and our drive to make the changes we need to achieve the lifestyle we desire. Stepping outside your comfort zone is not going to be comfortable initially, however the things you will learn will change your life. Making change leaves us vulnerable to failure and this is what stops so many people truly committing to making the changes they want to.

Be ready to learn and embrace the fact you don’t have a certain skill and enjoy that learning process. For example, if you want to overhaul your diet because you eat out too often and rely on quick and easy ready meals, then learning how to cook and put together a healthy balanced meal will not necessarily be an easy process to start with. If however you commit to learning, practicing and laugh off the mistakes along the way then in a few months time you will have mastered a new skill and completely altered your lifestyle for the long term.

This is a stark contrast to following another 28-day rapid fat loss program with pre-done meals and never really learning anything, or mastering the skills necessary for making your changes stick for the long term.

If you want to use 2017 and January as a springboard to claiming back your health, your body or your fitness then don’t let anybody tell you it can’t be done. If you want to banish diets for good increase your energy and take on new challenges then embrace the changes coming your way.

If however you’re reading this and its June then guess what you can change your life right now as well. Change happens in an instant and if you are reading this in June you’re lucky because it’s sunny and even better for exercising outside.

When is the right time to change, right now…

If you are ready to take the leap and feel anxious, hungry to learn or just want a supportive step in the right direction then get in touch today. We offer a free face to face or Skype consultation to chat about your next steps.

If you want New Year Resolution to take through the year with you let it be this:

“Do a little bit more of what scares you”

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy 2017
Wishing you every success with your goals in the year ahead.

Andy Strong
Fundamentally FIT Ltd

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