Podcast Episode 47: How We Think About Food With Marcelle Crinean



Podcast Episode 47: How We Think About Food With Marcelle Crinean.

This week is the final week of our Mind Month series, designed to help you think smarter over the summer holidays, ready for a September reset. We have already spoken about how not to quit on your goals, how we think about pain with, Jonny Juviler from FourHealth Osteopathy and the power of visualisation for sporting performance.

Today I am joined by the very talented Marcelle Crinean of BrainReframe, an eating psychologist, and mindset specialist. We are discussing How we think about food and why losing weight is never a simple as going on a diet. This Podcast barely touches the surface of what is a vast and fascinating topic. Marcelle and I both share valuable tips to help you maximise your September weight loss (or whenever your tuning in) and how to improve your relationship with food.

Please head over and follow Marcelle’s work and why not catch one of her workshops in the future. Giver her a like on Facebook and let her know what you thought of the Podcast.




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